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25 days of consistency training

This is gonna be a personal topic. If you notice, I usually don’t share my personal stories here, mostly work-related topics as I want to keep this space focused on my business journey.

But I recently come to realise that improving myself, including my health, my lifestyle, my mindset, is also part of the journey. So I decided to share it here, hope that I can inspire others a little bit more to make self improvement in a way that works for you!

A bit of a back story so you know my starting point:

  • I’m generally not an active person, mostly I sit in front of the computer (obviously). I take less than 3,000 steps per day for most days
  • I used to do gym a few years back but It had been on and off and end up cancelling my gym membership after 1 year
  • I did yoga for a few months before, and again didn’t keep up
  • I had a friend as a PT coming over twice per week to help me exercise, and again, I stopped after a while
  • I have Class-Pass membership but I paused it when lockdown happened in March. Before that I went to boxing and spinning class every other week
  • I’m familial high cholesterol condition (yes, you read it right)
  • I struggle doing HIIT exercise as It gets too intense for me, I would feel light headed and short of breath, which scared me out.
  • I don’t have weight problem, but I’m skinny fat
  • I have 1 full time job and 1 side business and 2 cats, so I can get as busy as life can get.
  • I don’t take fast food and soft drinks overall, but I like fried stuffs. Totally a meat lover too.

Okay enough of the fun facts, so after many years of failed attempts to have a fitness routine, I started to change my approach in August. I set out to one simple goal: do 1 single set of 10-min-exercise EVERYDAY for 2 weeks, at home.

I came across with Chloe Ting 2 week ab challenge and decide to give it a go. Learning from the past, I did not choose a HIIT program or cardio as I know my body will stress out and I will give up again. And plus, who doesn’t want a nice looking abs :p But as I said, having nice abs wasn’t my goal, my goal is just to sweat 10 mins per day and make it consistent everyday no matter what.

10 mins exercise was very short, so I usually threw in some glute exercises as butt kicks, leg raise and glute bridges at the end of the session just to get extra result. But I took it very lightly, no pressure, depends on how I felt, at times I would turn on the music and just shuffled along to get some cardio brownie points there. I didn’t eat less during these 2 weeks, I eat as how I feel like it and I don’t weight myself everyday.

And here’s my result after 2 weeks. I definitely lost some fat there and i can feel some definition is forming. No magic or no extreme transformation here but its the fact that it’s only 2 weeks and I did get comments that I lost weight overall.

Picture on top row: Aug 23, pictures on bottom row: Sep 5. Waistline is smaller, less fats and some definition start showing.

I was definitely with the result I get, I started to add on more sets of exercise, 10 mins become 30 mins and for some days, 45 mins.

Mentally wise, I noticed that I felt happier, less anxious, mind relieving after every session. I’m more conscious on my daily food intake.

But above them all, my proudest achievement is successfully incorporate exercising into my lifestyle. I would proactively schedule my time for a work out session everyday and actually LOOK FORWARD to it (says what?). I would purposely read up and research for the type of exercise that works for my body type and health condition.

Courtesy of beauty app, all my hard-earned sweats isn’t showing. But I felt great inside out.

So if you are struggling to find a balance in working out or trying to start your fitness journey, or just simple want to improve on how to feel, to be a bit healthier and enjoy life a little bit better, here’s some of the tips I learnt during the past 25 days:

  1. At first, choose a exercise that you can handle. I choose ab exercise but you can do 10 mins of HIIT exercise, running, skipping rope, stairs climbing etc. Start off small. Then once you get used to the pace, diversify the type of exercise, throw in some tools, weights etc.
  2. Do it consciously. Notice how you feel during the session, take your time, do it at your own pace then increase as it goes, focus on the right form. If you feel like dying, its probably not the right way to start with. We are training consistency here, not trying to push your body goal, so the trick is to let your body sweat but at the same time, not stressing it too hard.
  3. Put on active wears. Even tho you do this at home, putting on some active wears will give you more feels of your body, easier to focus on certain muscles too. I do feel guilty as I purchased a lot of work out clothes but well, it does give my spirit a boost
  4. Throw in some fun. Put on some music, learn some moves after your session, express how you feel with your body, trust me, this feels great.
  5. Don’t count calories but don’t junk eat. It comes quite naturally to me that I don’t feel like eating junk after working out. I try to eat healthy whenever I can. BUT I don’t stress my body by a strict diet. I do go all out at a buffet or order desserts after lunch once a while. Find a balance what works for you.
  6. Have a day off here and there or when you are sick. In 25 days, I took 2 days off, I had a nasty fever.
  7. Be patient. Don’t chase results. The trick is to enjoy the progress, and the result will come. Don’t overthink, don’t measure yourself everyday. Just live your life as normal and think that exercising is just like one simple activity you have in your busy day.

Once you build up the consistency and your body is ready, you can move on to getting proper training to achieve the body result you want without having to worry that you might give up half way. But again, this blog isn’t about body building anyway.

And if there’s one good thing that 2020 brings us, it’s probably the chance for us to look inwards and improve ourselves, as we all have to stay in one place for such a long time. So 2020 is the best year to work on this guys, we have 3,5 more months to go!

So I hope you will be able to build you a healthy routine for yourself, the way that it works for you (everyone’s built differently). And most of all, stay happy and find joy in all you do!

Keep sweating guys!

Onwards and upwards,



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