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Turning 30

Before my 30th birthday, I was scared. I wasn’t sure how other people made it – it’s a big thing, it means we’re half way through life, another 30 years left to retirement. Some people say it’s just the beginning of real adulthood, where career and life starts to take off, where we start settling down and make (realistic) plans for future. For me, I have no idea, I’m still figuring it out. There are lots of uncertainty, and there’s one thing certain, that nothing’s certain. 

A friend of mine suggested that I should list down what I want to achieve in the next 5 years, keep the list and look back after 5 years and check your progress.

So I made this list for my 30th birthday, of the things I want to achieve in my early 30s, that hopefully can positively impact the rest of life. I hope when I look back in 5 years time, I have achieved some of these goals. 

Business goals

1. Shoe Mo green in profit and stable growth of 20% per year. Shoe Mo will be in its 3rd year this year. We expanded quite crazily, with heavy CAPEX business like Shoe Mo (retail in general), we invest a lot in set up new outlets and inventory. Therefore, returns will take a while to come back. I wouldn’t expect a speedy recover in capital because, in it and knowing it, it just can’t rush. So I will put a subtle goal here. 

2. Organi generates steady monthly sales, have a proper team – Organi is my recent side business, to supply organic straws originated from Vietnam, to Malaysia and Brunei market. It’s an entire different business model compared to Shoe Mo, in a completely different industry. And I hope in the next 5 year, Organi can grow to supply organic products from Vietnam to ASEAN market. 

I wouldn’t 100% fixed to these goals, because I know life changes. I might end up doing different things. But I know I would constantly looking at any opportunities. 

Personal Finance

In my 20s, I didn’t worry much about this matter. I got decent job in big companies, decent pay, life was shine and bright. It hit me when the cough I had one day didn’t disappear after one night sleep or my thigh started to scream after a short walk, life isn’t sunshine anymore, there will be rainy days and it starts when I got to my late 20s. Plus, living alone in a foreign country makes me think harder about financial security. So recently I’ve been into personal financing and investment. I will have a blog on this later on, I think it’s a very interesting topic, that most of 20s and early 30s avoid to discuss (including me). But I don’t want to get distracted so I’ll get to that later, here are the things I want to achieve financially in 5 years:

3. Start investing – it actually easier than I think, technology has made it simple and easy for small and unexperienced investors, with lower cost and it doesn’t need a fortune. 

I have recently started invest in ETFs and Crypto Currencies (more on this later). And I hope to get 3 more, so total 5 portfolios within 5 years. 

4. Actively saving – 10% of my income go to saving and commit to +3% if I have an increase in my income. 

5. Retirement fund – I’ll put the above saving into investment funds and let it compound untouched (man it sounds hard) until my retirement.

6. Emergency fund – 3-6 month of income set aside for the rainy days.

Personal Well Being

After 2 years working on my own, I finally learn to take things slow. If it was me 2 years before, I could go up all the way to 3am for work, stuck to my laptop the whole weekend, constantly checking Shoe Mo’s social media and reply messages. Now the team has expanded and everyone joins hands, I go with the rhythm and decided to spend more time for my well being.

Then I realize that well being definition could be different things for different people, some can be yoga every morning, some can be pursuing a hobby, some read books, some go for retreat. The definition varies, there are no right or wrong, as long as we feel peace and flow with what we do.

What I personally want to do for my well being are:

7. A committed self-care routine: Daily skin & hair care – being a woman, I feel ultimately myself when I do my skin care routine every night and every morning haha. And taking supplements to. I wasn’t commit to a routine before but I’m addicted to it now. I hope I can keep up! 

8. Be consistent with rock climbing: Rock climbing is a good sport in many ways, it trains you not only with strength but also strategy & agility. It’s easy to give up half way but it is so fulfilling when you make it to the top. So aiming to get my lead wall certificate by end of this year!

9. Spend less time on social media: Indeed, I need to do this for my well-being. I recently marie-kondo’ed my following list – it affects what contents I get fed everyday, I believe it plays a role in staying sane, you know what I mean.

10. Get health insurance: I need that peace in my sleep knowing that I’m covered up with health insurance! I’m looking at options now, hope I’ll have that in place soon!

Personal Improvement:

11. Be higher EQ: Yes, to be able to harness my emotions and display them in a better way. I’m not the most emotionally stable person. I mood swing and have a temper. 

12. Eat consciously – For someone that loves eating like me, it’s nearly mission impossible. But I will start simple, cut down processed food like fast food, canned food (which I don’t take much actually), next is watch out sugar intake (those bubble tea hmm), and finally my weakness – reduce fried food – I love fried stuff. 

13. Wake up earlier: Wake up 2 hours before I start work, to meditate, breakfast and (hopefully) exercise.

14. Read one book every month: Of any topic of my interest. I’m reading Master The Game by Tony Robbins this June, I love it. Totally gonna write about it soon!

15. Finally, One blog post every month – I want to start writing on certain topic that I read/interested about.



Here’s a picture of me on my 30th birthday vacation.

Now I’m officially 30, and I don’t think much about turning 30 anymore haha. And just when I finish this list. I realize there’s no travel goals or career goals in it. It’s not a bucket list anymore. I guess I’m getting more real as I age – security (finance), well-being and personal improvements are top of my list now!

Onwards and Upwards,




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