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Shoe Mo’s first overseas expansion!

Earlier this month, Shoe Mo’s first overseas expansion was confirmed! We’re officially a regional brand! I’m definitely excited and proud of the team work.

Now I’m gonna bombard you lots of photos I took from the trip.

Checking out the location


Technical Training


Setting it up! Almost there!


It is also the most efficient work trip of mine. Lots of training, business discussion, site checking – realize I love to set things up and give advice on operation process. I feel energetic and excited whenever I can share how to run Shoe Mo shops, because I’ve been through it and I do believe in our system and processes can save our partners a lot of headache running this type of business.

It was also my first trip to Brunei – interesting to learn about the country’s culture and lifestyle.

1. Lots of big and beautiful mosques. And there are not much of tall building as no buildings are allowed to be taller than the mosque. So I wonder why they don’t just put a mosque on the top of a building haha problem solved.



2. Malls are small and old school. And it’s hard to find authentic shoes.


3. Sunset from Empire Hotel is a must see. Lovely and romantic. Perfect to unwind.


4. Japanese food is cheap and good. There are not much of local cuisine. Or maybe I didn’t explore hard enough.


Looking forward to more expansion. We have a few down the line, fingers crossed!

Onwards and Upwards,



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