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It’s a long delay blog, since our Bangsar outlet has been open for 1 month. But now I finally got time to pen down my thoughts.

When Jack said let’s open in Bangsar, I was excited, yet nervous. Bangsar is known to be the one of most expensive area in KL with cut throat rental. It took us a few months to look for location, with a rental that we can afford.

I think we got lucky to get this unit open for rent. The first moment I saw it, I felt in love with these mirror and windows and the natural light that gives life to the space.


But it’s like, empty – no AC, broken wiring, damage floor. Lots of work need to be done. But loving it so much, we decided to take it. And all I remember is late night discussion on the design, lots of Ikea trips to fill in the furniture, tons of no-name tasks to get it all set up and done.

And finally, we made it.

Reception Areabangsar-reception

Workshop areaBangsar-workshop2


It teaches me a big lesson on how to set up retail business – lots of hard work and patience, detail oriented is a MUST. You cannot afford to make mistake because it will cost you twice to fix. Don’t compromise on the workmanship – it has to be good.

I’m lucky to work with dedicate interior designer to fit the design to our budget. And follow up with each and every single details, from M&E to flooring, to even help clean the mirror. Even when we have to cut the counter into half, to be able to carry it upstairs!

After Bangsar outlet completed and in operation, we got a lot of partnership enquiries. This is like a level up in our game, we are taken more serious now. Definitely a step up!


Here’s to more and more milestones!

Onwards and Upwards,






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