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Life as a hike

Hiking intrigues me always — the concept of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, going out of your usual way up to new challenge, with one single ultimate goal: selfie at the top of the mountain.

But if you look at life itself, it’s pretty much a hike.


View on the way downhill — Chua Chan Mountain, May 2016

We all start off eagerly, curiously, eyes wide open, touch everything on our way, laugh and talk to our companion. At first it’s all easy and we are full of energy. But soon enough we will complain on the rocky way, the steep muddy trail, the. We’ll need some break. The mosquitoes bother us. We sweat, we curse more frequently, starting to question why do we have to do what we are doing. We question ourselves, then we question our companion, whose idea was it? Yet we are hopeful, and full of faith that we can make it. “It will be worth it”, “The view will be amazing” — those thoughts keep our legs moving.

Then we make it. We are standing on top of the hill, panting, smiling. We hug and share joys, and of course, we take plenty of photos of us standing with our arms and mouth wide open. We stay for half an hour and start to think, this is it, this is what I came for. Now what.

We have to go down, and our legs are tired, we’ll need some stick to help us walk. We try not to slide, we are focus, we don’t talk to people around as we did. We don’t wait, we want to get down as quick as we can. Sometimes we look back, seeing the top for the last time. Now we don’t look around, mosquitoes don’t really bother us anymore — too many bites, we couldn’t care less. We run out of energy for jokes or even swearing. We lay down anywhere we can, still cursing, but only in our heart. We accept the fact that this was our choice. As soon as we reach the ground, we’ll find ourself sleeping like a baby on the bus back.

Yes. We all look forward to reach the top, but we only spend 1/12 of our time actually be on the top. Then when we wake up the next morning, the view on the top will be blurry, but the times we slipped, the remaining itchiness of mosquito bites, the bruises and the pain in your thighs are…crystal clear. Someone said happiness is a journey. I would say, happiness is IN the journey. Goals are set to achieve, yet embrace the journey to success. You’ll remember that the most on your rocking chair.

Peace out,



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