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Here’s to a better self

I picked up blogging around one year ago, at first it was just a way to release feelings and emotions. I have never thought of myself as a good writer, neither do I think I would public my blog one day. However, as a human being, I want my voice to be heard and emotions to be felt. The more I grow up, the more I need to put power in what I say and become considerate of how I behave and comment. Then writing came up in my mind as a perfect way to practice logically organizing my thoughts.


The sky is the limit. Taken in Singapore in Feb’16.

So these days I have been thinking about what changes I have been through. So many. But basically he biggest thing is growing up. And learn how to deal with solitude. Here’s what I’ve learn in the past year:

1. Solitude is a bless. It gives you time and energy to focus in what you want to achieve in life. I never disregard the importance of relationship and very often I feel desperate for warm loving hugs. Relationship is a goal too. I agree. Just need to complete myself first before getting in to a serious one.

2. Mono-tasking is a skill. People talks about multi-tasking like it’s a basic skill, but trust me, it’s time to mono-tasking. Focus one thing at a time. Staying laser focused is a skill. One by one. Things can get in line, jumping from task to task without finishing them does more harm than good.

3. Build your brand image. I manage to speak less but smarter on social networks. But also be genuine of who I really am.

4. Knowledge is powerful. I schedule time to read news everyday, prepare myself for deep intellectual discussion with potential employers/partners or even to have a topic to talk to on my dates. Smart women always impress.

5. Keep kind people around. Make effort to keep in touch with friends. It soothes your soul knowing someone still care and back you up.

6. Time management is crucial. Someone told me “Your time on Earth is the most valuable thing” — I learn to schedule time for daily tasks, even small chores as running errands or writing down how much money I spend for the day. Prioritize them. The purpose is to maximize my day.

7. Exercise. To keep a healthy mind we need a healthy body. Great leaders exercise. It’s time to stop making excuses.

All for the better,


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